Notes of interest about Camp Hiawatha
Kings County Scout Camp Hiawatha is located on Lower Sixty Lake Rd. in East Dalhousie, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, Canada
GPS coordinates 44.7235-64.801767 (approximate location)
Fishing: Trout are the main sport fish in the lake.

Canoeing/kayaking: The lake is open in the centre but you may encounter large rocks near the ends and sides of the lake. There is an island at the South end of the lake that can be canoed/kayaked around during most of the year, However when water levels are low, care must be taken on the South side of the island as it becomes grassy and can obstruct rocks. Generally mornings and evenings are quite calm on the lake and afternoons tend to be windier. Despite the small size of the lake, strong winds can appear quickly and the lake can become quite rough.


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Craft building.

We have 8 cabins each with sleeping and gear storage.
Each cabin is set-up with bunks and storage areas for 8 campers (64 total).

Perfect lake for canoeing, kayaking, Beach suitable for swimming

Campfire area. 

Hall easily seats 60

Main field area 250 x 100 feet (approx.) suitable for multiple functions and tenting

Commercial cook stove (2 ovens, grill and burners) and walk-in cooler.
Space for several groups or sections to camp together with separate activities.
Reasonable travel time from HRM, Valley and South Shore